Who we work with

The Internet Protection Lab advises, trains and offers technical assistance to journalists, bloggers and activists the world over. LGBT rights activists in Russia, bloggers in Ethiopia and human rights defenders in Guatemala all received training, advice or technical assistance for example. But we also assist organizations from liberal societies that work with our target audience in order to help them establish more secure workflows and frequently give presentations and talks about digital security in a variety of venues.

In the field

The Internet Protection Lab assists journalists, bloggers and activists that are under threat in the digital domain. On a case by case basis, we create a threat model to determine the threat someone is exposed to and from there try to find the best possible ways to mitigate the risks of that threat. In some cases, this will mean giving a digital security training to increase awareness of staff in a field office. In other cases, it might involve reinstalling the entire IT infrastructure with systems that are less prone to attack. We work closely with local partners who can help us better understand the situation on the ground and formulate a joint work plan.

At home

The Internet Protection Lab doesn’t just work with people abroad. At home, in Amsterdam, we are actively working on several technical projects focusing on circumvention technology and allowing people to  access the internet freely and anonymously. We also participate in the public debate surrounding internet freedom, online censorship and surveillance states and ask our government leaders to take responsibility when needed.

How can we help you?

If you are an individual or belong to a group or organization that is under threat, or believe that it might be so soon, please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.