The Internet Protection Lab works closely with international organisations that work to promote a safe and accessible Internet for people everywhere. To this end, we jointly organise trainings on the subject of online safety, as well as offering technical support. So that Internet users can continue to search and share important information online, without fear for their personal safety.

The following organisations make the Internet Protection Lab possible:

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The Internet Protection Lab aims to enable everyone to safely access the Internet. By organising special trainings and offering technical assistance, we try to make it safer for people to search and share information online. The Internet Protection Lab has distinguished three levels within which digital security comes under threat. Each of these levels needs to be addressed in a specific way.

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Information, opinions and knowledge. At the click of a button, you can share anything you like with the rest of the world. But in many countries, using the Internet or your mobile phone is not without risk. Those in power sometimes use the Internet to locate, wiretap or arrest specific users. That is why the members of the Internet Protection Lab organise trainings that make members of the press and citizen journalists more aware of such risks and teach them how to safely use their digital resources. One example is Security in-a-box. Here, Internet users can find clear information on the safe use of email, document encryption and how they can utilise existing software to secure their computer.

2. Access
The Internet is not just about looking for information – above all, it’s about sharing it. Not just reading something, but also discussing it. However, in countries where having your own opinions can get you in trouble, you need to be sure that other people aren’t looking over your shoulder when you’re online. That’s why the Internet Protection Lab provides secure connections. Connections that cannot be monitored or manipulated. And when local Internet access is shut down altogether, the Internet Protection Lab provides journalists and human rights activists with alternative connections. So that if they want to, they can stay anonymous and safely share information with people the world over.

3. The Internet
News websites in repressive countries are regularly targeted by cyber-attacks like DDoS attacks. The same applies to other websites that spread information that is disagreeable to governments and other parties. That is why the Internet Protection Lab offers extra-secure hosting services that protect sites from these kinds of attacks. In addition, we offer chat services and partnership services for target audiences that are at risk in some way. And finally, the Internet Protection Lab keeps close track of the different forms of censorship and surveillance found throughout the world.